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It all started with the launch of "T-REEF Surfboard" in 1985 in Inamuragasaki, Kamakura. The main service was to manufacture custom surfboards. After 38 years, we have decided to evolve as "T-REEF Corporation", in order to expand our services and achieve new goals.


We are absolutely confident in the quality of our surfboards. This quality is built from our experience and techniques.

From now on, we are committed to passing on these shaping knowledge and skills to the next generation.


After spending many years abroad, we are now based in Shonan Japan. Other than surfboard creation, T-REEF Corp is also producing and managing vacation houses in the Shonan area. We are applying our knowledge from our experiences abroad.*We used to operate a Surf Tour Coordinator company called "Blue Lagoon" in New Caledonia*


"Convey the Real Thing Faithfully" is our mission.

We put our heart, experience, knowledge, and passion into the services that we provide, here at T-REEF Corp. Ride on!


CEO / Tadao Tominaga

COO / Mayu Tominaga

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